Best Japanese Straight Razor for the Ultimate Clean-Cut Look!

Whether you know it or not, shaving is actually an art form to be perfected! Now to truly conquer this art, a simple grocery-store razor won't do the trick. To get the closest, smoothest, and maybe even the easiest shave you've ever had, check out these ten amazing Japanese straight razors!

 1. Iwasaki 50mm Straight Razor

There's a number of benefits to using a Japanese specific straight razor. The main one most people are familiar with is the professional shave you'll be getting out of these products every time you use them. This straight razor from Woodcraft is no exception to that standard! Hand-forged by Sigeyoshi Iwasaki, a famous blacksmith who practically perfected the art Japanese knife making, this straight razor has all the elegance and quality you'd expect from a highly respected brand. It's performance is directly related to its fine craftsmanship, and will not disappoint! 


2. Japanese Straight Razor, Traditional Bamboo-Wrapped

It's no secret that the Japanese katana is a blade like no other! So, it only makes sense to apply that same logic to the straight razor for the ultimate shave! Woodcraft does just this with their traditional bamboo-wrapped straight razor inspired by the katana. A long line of master craftsmen have led up to Osami Mizuike, who has spent his lifetime seeking out the best materials for a straight razor you will love. High-carbon steel makes up the entirety of the blade and a sturdy environmentally-friendly bamboo encompasses the handle. Although you do have to take the time to oil and really care for your straight razor, it will no doubt produce the best results!

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3. Feather DX Folding Wood Handle Razor

One of the biggest concerns of purchasing a straight razor is the inevitable rust that is sure to ensue. However, with Feather's DX Folding wood handle razor you can fear no more! With a body made from pure stainless steal, you're guaranteed a blade that will be sharp and won't rust over time. To ensure a smooth glide when shaving, this razor is also treated with a finishing material over the stainless steel. The handle is crafted from resinated teakwood and has a beautiful aesthetic you can't ignore. Lastly, as if the materials and design of this straight razor weren't enough, this product also folds up nicely so you can store and carry it anywhere! Feather is one company who never fails to produce quality razors, and this one surely meets those expectations!


4. Feather DX Folding Pearl Handle Razor

Interested in straight razors, but worried about the hassle of the constant sharpening just to keep the blade in tip-top shape? Well, Feather has the perfect solution! Simply use their disposable blade razors like this one here! All you do is use up the razor to its full capacity, then just replace it with a fresh blade and you're ready to go! You can also rest easy knowing that the beautiful pearl handle is made to last even after use after use and is guaranteed heat-resistant for your convenience. What's even more is you have a wide variety of razor options so you can find the one that is best suited to your face and your preferred type of shave. Get the best quality shave without all the maintenance of keeping up the sharpness of the blade with Feather's folding pearl handle razor!


5. Kamisori Tanken FR-2 5 Star Classic Salon Hair Shaving Straight Razor

Already familiar with the techniques and methods of a Japanese straight razor and are on the hunt for something catered to more of your professional level? Then, I think we have the perfect razor for you! From Kamisori we have a 5 star straight razor that's built with all your expectations and professional needs in mind. Crafted with the highest quality of combined metals directly from Japan, this straight razor is made to perform the most advanced techniques in the art of shaving. It's also known for being durable and lasting a lifetime while still giving you one-hundred percent of it's capabilities. With a pure Japanese premium alloy steel and a lifetime warranty, there is a lot to love about this product, especially if you're already pretty advanced in the world of shaving with a professional straight razor!

6. Black on Black Handle and Foldable Blade

Looking for something that just radiates sleekness? Look no further with this Japanese straight razor that is simply built with style in mind. Made from genuine stainless steel, the craftsmanship of this razor prioritizes durability so that you can always expect great results time after time. The width of this razor also provides more coverage during your shave, allowing for a more efficient use of your time and money. The nice thing about this razor is you can literally send it back if it doesn't meet your expectations in any way, so it's most definitely worth a shot! Able to fold into its compact case, you can store this razor just about anywhere and bring it with you on your travels with ease! If you're one to enjoy a certain amount of class with your products, than this black Japanese straight razor will meet your standards without a doubt!


7. Feather DX Japanese Straight Handle Razor

From Feather, we once again have another razor that is worth every cent! This Japanese straight razor is very similar to one we mentioned a bit earlier, but rather than a pearl handle it is equipped with a heat-resistant and comfortable gum handle. Also similar to the other Feather razor, this one allows for replaceable heads so you can always get a clean shave without worry of rust or a dull blade. It all comes down to a matter of preference of whether you want a stiff, firm handle, or something a tad bit more flexible to grasp while you shave. Whichever you prefer, Feather has the straight razor for you all with the quality you expect!



8. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Sometimes simple is better, and this is certainly the case with this classic Feather straight razor. Like the other Feather products we mentioned, the heads are indeed replaceable, but what's unique about this one is the specific shape of these blades. The rounded shaving head combined with the wide blade exposure creates a razor made for the ultimate shave. On top of the specially engineered blade, this straight razor provides a secure resin handle that's slightly curved for a comfortable grip. Although you might take a first glance at this razor and see nothing special about its design, it's subtleties will surprise you when you go to shave. Feather is a company that continually crafts quality products, and this straight razor only proves their well-thought out designs. 

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9. Feather SS Folding Handle Razor

We couldn't include Feather straight razors without mentioning this one! The class SS folding handle razor is built specially for the purpose of making your everyday shaving experience as easy and comfortable as possible. The same idea of changing out the blades is applicable to this razor and is arguably one of the best features about Feather's shaving products. Even this aspect is made easy, all you have to do is pinch the blade and it automatically comes loose as so you can remove it and put in a new one just like that. With a heat-resistant gum handle, this razor also has a folding capability so storage and travel are never a problem. Whether you're new to shaving  with the Japanese straight razor method, or f you're rather experienced in the art, this straight razor will be a perfect choice!


10. KAI Captain Holder Standard Razer CAP-SDR

All ready to sharpen your own blade and not quite interested in simply buying replaceable heads, then we suggest you check out the last razor on our list by Kai. With the same folding quality as we've seen with other products on our list, this Japanese straight razor is light and and portable no matter your journey! The blade is also of the best quality, so your shave will be be close and clean as expected. The overall design of the razor is elegant and smooth, which is important in the art of shaving. Simple and straight to the point, this  straight razor by Kai has everything you might need to start learning all the intricacies of Japanese shaving!. 

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Ashlyn Dickson