The Ultimate DIY Guide to Lucy Heartfilia!

Lucy Heartfilia is one of the most powerful Celestial Spirit Mages in the land of Fiore, and certainly the best in the Fairy Tail Guild. She is able to control 10 out of 12 Gold Keys, calling upon the different zodiac Spirits to help her fight and perform other tasks. Lucy Heartfilia may have a multitude of outfits throughout Fairy Tail, but we will focus on her blue outfit from the first episode.



Lucy has medium blond hair; she usually has a high, tiny ponytail on her right side. She also tends to wear ribbons in her hair. With this outfit, she uses a blue ribbon. If you don’t have this type of hair naturally, your best bet is to purchase a wig. Go ahead, be cute!



It may be difficult to find the exact type of hair ribbon that Lucy wears with this outfit (a solid, navy blue color), so you can improvise! She wears multiple hair ribbons throughout the series, all the same rabbit ear style. If you want to be true to her regular outfit that we’re covering here, you can make your own using dark blue ribbon and a hair tie or headband.



Lucy’s body is so curvaceous and sexy, she usually tries to exploit this and wears titillating outfits. However, when we first meet her, she’s wearing a white sleeveless button up and a blue mini skirt. You’ll have to get a white top and add your own blue stripes to it. Her top is very form fitting, and has a blue trim that lines all edges. Get out your sewing skills and add a blue fabric along the seams. There is also a blue line that goes right across the middle of her chest. You may have to check out your local crafts store to find more blue fabric.



Like a lot of female anime characters, Lucy wears a pleated blue skirt. The shade of blue that Lucy wears is a little strange, so definitely check your local crafts store if you’re having trouble finding a blue pleated skirt with the exact shade you want. While you’re looking for blue fabric for the trim, you can always purchase enough to sew your own skirt.


What seems to be a common theme amongst strong female characters holds true for Lucy: she wears knee high heeled black leather boots. These tall boots definitely make her look even more kick-ass than she already is. Besides, how else are you going to traverse the land of Fiore and still be able to fight anyone who stands in your way? Don't forget to pick up your own pair to make your outfit.




The one thing that remains constant in all of Lucy’s outfits is her belt, whip, and keys. She wears a brown leather belt slung over her clothes that holds her Celestial Spirit keys. She also carries a whip with a heart shape at the end. The special Gate Keys are shaped like old fashioned, large keys.

Each of Lucy’s Gate keys may be unique to whichever zodiac Spirit it calls; however, if you would like the take the simpler route, go ahead and search for skeleton keys to hang on a keychain through your belt. Be careful not to drop them! Lucy currently carries 10 different keys, but that's ok if you can't control that many spirits yourself. 


One of the weapons that Lucy can use without her magic is her heart shaped whip. Lucy can be seen carrying this everywhere, no matter the change in outfit. She will have a sort of whip holder on her belt which you can also find.



As a member of the Fairy Tail Guild, Lucy had to get the guild stamp somewhere on her body when she joined. She chose a pink stamp on the back of her right hand. You too can show your loyalty to the Fairy Tail Guild by wearing a temporary tattoo like Lucy’s.

She also has a black arm band on her wrist. Buy a bracelet, or just wear a similar flat, black cloth around your wrist to match Lucy!

Now that you’ve got your outfit together, you can go out there and help out your Guild! Travel with your team and Natsu Dragneel to find his father, complete new missions, and make more Celestial Spirit friends!

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