The Ultimate DIY Guide - Mizore Shirayuki Costume and Cosplay Outfit

Akihisa Ikeda wrote the manga series Rosario + Vampire from 2004 to 2014, drawing inspiration from the 1968 monster anime Kaibutsu-kun. Rosario + Vampire was later made into an anime in 2008, consisting of 13 episodes. He also drew a lot of inspiration from Tim Burton films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. Ikeda was greatly interested in the idea that monsters could convey humanistic personalities and feelings. 

In Rosario + Vampire, Tskune Aono falls short when it comes to school. He ultimately fails to get accepted into any boarding schools and out of desperation, his parents enroll him into Youkai Academy. Little did he know, he’d be attending school for monsters who are actually disguised as humans. There he meets his love interest Moka Akashiya, the prettiest vampire in school. Danger lingers when he finds out that he’ll be killed if anyone knew he was actually human.

Despite the monstrous students and teachers they encounter along the way, Tskune meets an array of friends. One of them being the hopeless romantic, Mizore Shirayuki, a snow fairy. She has special powers such as freezing people, throwing ice knives, turning her hands into ice claws, and cloning ice versions of herself and others. Mizore is reserved and sensitive, but also acts as comedic relief as they play on her unhealthy love for Tskume. She often stalks and disrupts heartfelt moments between Tskune and Moka. Her love grows stronger and stronger even when this love is unreciprocated. Hang in there Mizore!

Mizore Shirayuki, trademarks her look with a lavender bob cut and an edgy twist to her schoolgirl uniform. Compared to the other girl’s school uniform, she has a more relaxed style. Mizore Shirayuki costume is effortless and easy to replicate for your next cosplay or Halloween event! 

How to DIY - Mizore Shirayuki Cosplay


Mizore Shirayuki sports a short, above-the-shoulders hair-do, with wispy bangs, in an illuminating pastel purple color, giving her an innocent and playful look. 



If you want to save your hair from buckets of bleach, finding or cutting a light purple wig to the appropriate length would be most ideal for this quick transformation. Mizore Shirayuki’s hair is somewhat messy, so your amateur skills will go unrecognizable if you add a little hair wax to create some flair.

Hair Dye

This purple unicorn hair is on trend and seems to be staying. Get your hair colored to achieve this look suitable for all seasons. You can spend up to $300 or more and six plus hours at a professional salon to get this done. However, even then, if your hair is naturally dark it could take more than one session to get the color you want. Instead of spending an arm and a leg, lucky for you this is DIY approved! It may take a few strenuous hours and a whole lot of patience, but it’s the most affordable way to get a permanent look.

Below are step by step instructions!

Bellatory's Purple Hair Hack

Lavender Hair Tutorial


Mizore layers a navy blue and white off the shoulder sweatshirt over a black ribbed tank top underneath. If you can’t find a sweater that has these colors blocked sleeves, go with a long sleeve baseball tee. We recommend that you go a size up or two and to cut the neckline for a loose off the shoulder look.


Mizore always rocks a circular yellow pendant choker necklace. Below we added a DIY tutorial for how you can make your own chokers that resembles Mizores’ or to pair with everyday outfits. 

DIY Choker Tutorial

Here's a great option that you can buy if you aren’t so crafty. 


Of course, no school girl outfit is complete without a mini plaid skirt. Mizore wears a light brown one similar to the one below.


She’s also known to wear a brown belt wrapped from her waist to her left thigh. This look is subtle but sexy, peaking just below her skirt


Who wore it better? Mizore Shirayuki or The Cheshire Cat? Mizore pairs these Alice in Wonderland inspired socks that go perfectly with her purple hair. 


Mizore keeps her shoe game clean with all white canvas shoes and black laces.


To top off this look, she is always seen sucking on a lollipop, which is actually a cooling agent for her special powers. 

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