Best Japanese Grammar Books

Learning a whole language most definitely has its ups and downs, but maybe the most universally challenging part of the process is fully understanding the grammar.

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Now we've put together a list of the best Japanese grammar books that you simply can't go wrong in buying! Each one provides an individual take on learning grammar and will truly help you learn all there is in order to speak fluent Japanese!


1. Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure

Author: Wayne P. Lammers

Learning a whole new language is rarely ever described as "fun" or even "enjoyable". In fact, it can often be tedious and even frustrating at the best of times.

Author Wayne P. Lammers aspires to take away these previous connotations of learning a new language by creating a book that is equally entertaining as it is educational. His grammar book, Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure,does just that as it provides a whole new approach to learning the Japanese language. Lammers cleverly uses everyone's love for manga in a way that can elaborate and teach the intricacies of grammar while simultaneously being extremely unique and memorable. The book also offers various chapters depending on your level of speaking Japanese, whether you're already pretty well-versed in the language or you've never even spoken one word, it can still apply to you! We highly recommend this grammar book as number one on our list as its the most fun you can have while still learning Japanese!

2. A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

Author: Seiichi Makino

When you're pretty serious to learning every part of Japanese grammar, sometimes you simply need a dependable and straight forward grammar book.

To give you just that, Seiichi Makino, author of A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, has laid out all of the necessary elements to learn Japanese  grammar in the most straight to the point kind of way. We can't praise this book enough for really containing all there is to know about grammar with accompanying in depth details for each lesson. This book also has multiple uses, as its great for starting out or even later using as reference once you've gotten a grasp on Japanese. Makino makes sure that all of the details and information presented in this grammar book are extensive and encompass all there is to really have a thorough understanding on grammar and its appropriate uses in every day practices. We say that you should most definitely check out A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar to really dissect and comprehend Japanese grammar in a way you won't be able to find in any other language book!


3. A Guide to Japanese Grammar: A Japanese Approach to Learning Japanese Grammar

Author: Tae K. Kim

Taking classes and watching anime to learn Japanese is all well and good, but to really have a full comprehensive understanding of the language you sometimes need a book that illustrates how its really spoken in Japan.

Tae K. Kim brings you A Guide to Japanese Grammar: A Japanese Approach to Learning Japanese Grammar, a book that will no doubt sit you down and lay out all of the immense complexities of the Japanese language. Every language can be tricky as it can be taught in a stiff and formal manner, books and professors both completely disregarding the slang and casual speech patterns that are actually spoken by the native speakers. This book aims to teach the most natural ways to speak Japanese as well as how to tackle the pesky grammar concepts we all struggle with. If you want be fluent in Japanese or even just be able to speak the language as casual as possible, then this grammar book is a must! Have a peek at A Guide to Japanese Grammar: A Japanese Approach today to learn from an author who went through the very same difficult process of learning a new language as you and who found the easiest and most effective way to absorb the grammar!

4. Japanese Verbs and Essentials of Grammar

Author: Rita Lampkin

Where sometimes we continually keep finding books targeted for more advanced Japanese speakers, we need a book that focuses on beginners of the language.

That being said, for those of us just beginning our studies in Japanese, Rita Lampkin gives us a wonderful grammar book that has an easy to follow pace and plenty of examples. Japanese Verbs and Essentials of Grammar is the most recent version of the popular series that aims its lessons for the newest students of the Japanese language.  A total of 46 units are incorporated in this book, all involving various ways to construct sentences, the latest idiomatic phrases, and an introduction to Japanese scripts. Lampkin also makes sure to include a plethora of examples and definite explanations that both really help out any student or individual seeking to fully understand Japanese.  The user-friendly layout and compact, yet in depth, information of Japanese Verbs and Essentials of Grammar all are what make this book a smart addition for anyone just beginning their journey of learning Japanese!


5. Japanese Grammar, 3rd Edition (Barron's Grammar)

Author: Nobuo Akiyama

Having a compact language book that you can bring with you anywhere is the perfect thing to inspire you to really learn on the go!

Japanese Grammar, 3rd Edition  written by Nobuo Akiyama is one of the best grammar books for learning quickly and effectively while still maintaining your busy lifestyle. This book is organized in an easy-to-follow set up that makes learning the challenging parts of grammar not quite as intimidating or daunting. The paragraphs and lessons are made with simplicity in mind while still teaching you the basics of grammar structure. Whether you're working crazy hours or you're a student with midterms on the horizon, this book will nicely fit into your schedule and make learning Japanese seem almost easy. From sample entries to dictionary type sections, Japanese Grammar, 3rd Edition makes a wonderful pocket-sized grammar cheat sheet for any level of learner! Pick up your copy today to start grappling with Japanese grammar on your daily commute to work or even between meetings!

6. Practice Makes Perfect Complete Japanese Grammar

Author: Eriko Sato

Learning any language can prove quite challenging, but sometimes what we really need take in all of the essentials is just practice!

In Practice Makes Perfect Complete Japanese Grammar, author Eriko Sato ensures the idea that the key ingredient to learning any one part of a language is just consistent practice! Sato's grammar book compiles all of the crucial knowledge in the form of realistic examples, plenty of engaging exercises, and even multiple variations of format to fit any individual learning style. We can guarantee that this book effectively has its user practice the language in a way that will surely cement all of the basic principles of Japanese. You can't go wrong in buying a book with a wide range of exercises that will bring truth to the phrase 'practice makes perfect'! Sato has concluded that the only sure way to learn Japanese, especially the unfamiliar ways of Japanese grammar, is to take it apart in a workbook with plenty of practice material. If you know that exercises and lessons are what you need to study a whole new language, then Practice Makes Perfect Complete Japanese Grammar will absolutely suit your learning needs!


7. Schaum's Outline of Japanese Grammar

Author: Keiko Chevray

Learning Japanese with a creative and fun method works for a number of people, but for some of us with a more logical mindset we crave a grammar book that is both logical and formulaic.

From language expert Keiko Chevray comes Schaum's Outline of Japanese Grammar, an exercise book that presents learning language in an innovative and extensive technique. Chevray has comprised this grammar book with precisely 788 exercises and their respective answers that will assure effective learning. This book was created by a combination of experts in various fields to put together a specific set of tools and problems for the best learning results. Straightforward and precise, the exercises presented in this workbook aim to really help its users' analyze Japanese grammar and be able to use it in every day circumstances. We highly suggest Schaum's Outline of Japanese Grammar for anyone who craves the practice and technicalities that are essential in really understanding Japanese. This book will not disappoint in its concise manner of teaching and detailed problems and solutions! 

8. Learn Japanese from Some Guy: Quickly and Easily Master Beginner and Intermediate Level Japanese Grammar

Author: Jeremy Rasmussen

From classes, audio podcasts, even online tutorials, learning a language can present itself in many different forms and sometimes its hard to decide which method will be the most successful for you and your learning needs.

Jeremy Rusmussen presents Learn Japanese from Some Guy: Quickly and Easily Master Beginner and Intermediate Level Japanese Grammar, a workbook that can provide more than any ordinary classroom or podcast in teaching techniques and relatable information. Rusmussen himself went through the tireless process of learning Japanese and noted what methods were successful, and which ones were not. Through this struggle, he created this workbook from the perspective of a native English speaker in what ways were effective in actually learning Japanese. With eye-catching colors, English translations a plenty, and even chapter summaries, its easy to stay focused and absorb the information at hand in this workbook. This book is also great for beginners and intermediates alike, as it can act as either a refresher for those who already know a a bit in Japanese or can be a pleasant start for those who know very little. Coming from an outside perspective on the Japanese language, Rusmussen really knows what tricks and types of lessons will serve to teach Japanese the most effectively since he went through the very same thing himself. Learn Japanese from Some Guy is no doubt an enjoyable and definite way to begin learning all about Japanese grammar!

9. Handbook of Modern Japanese Grammar

Author: Yoko M. McClain

Simplicity and organization are sometimes the best solutions to tough concepts in learning any new language!

To access the full extent of Japanese grammar,Handbook of Modern Japanese Grammar could not be any more appropriate. Yoko M. McClain has put together this handbook fraught with lists, explanations, and even examples that prove useful for any person, fluent in Japanese or otherwise. This book provides grammar rules that may seem outwardly straight to the point and in your face, but do well in driving in these necessities that are the Japanese language. More traditional in its teachings and speech patters, a handbook like this is a useful tool for anyone learning a new language. As much fun as pictures and manga can be in a learning environment, sometimes we just need to sit down and study a handbook willing to provide all the nitty gritty aspects of language that can be hard to work through. McClain's workbook, Handbook of Modern Japanese Grammer, perfectly combined with vocabulary, dictionary, and other similar types of language books, is such a successful teaching tool that simply can't go unnoticed!

10. Japanese Grammar 100 in Plain English

Author: Clay Boutwell

Let's be real, learning a whole new language can be challenging, to say the least. Every now and then between our learning, we just need a book that speaks to us in the simplest of terms.

Clay Boutwell has come to our rescue with Japanese Grammar 100 in Plain English, a complete language workbook that appeals to our quick and easy nature. This workbook really appeals to a wide audience, especially if you're naturally weary of grammar and the multitude of problems attached. In the easiest and simplest way possible, Boutwell has put together all of the fundamentals in learning Japanese grammar in a way that the every day person will have no trouble following and digesting. To take a break from overwhelming and intense workbooks, we suggest you check out this workbook immediately, as it will not disappoint! The author really sought to take grammar and put it on a plane that anyone can comprehend without a hitch. Japanese Grammar 100 in Plain English will be a great way to start your journey in learning Japanese without being scared off by the complicated aspects of the language!