Best Xbox 360 Travel Case

Gaming on the go sounds great at first, but there's a lot to consider in terms of protection and safety for your system. To help with just this problem, we've provided the top ten best Xbox 360 travel cases that will no doubt make travel on the go not only easy, but secure as well!

1. GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment for Xbox

The number one on our list is by far the best for both travel and security combined for your Xbox 360! This case from GAEMS has a super sturdy and equally as protective exterior that is proven to ensure your gaming system's safety, but it's not just the outside that makes this case the best. Inside includes a special LED that literally lets you play on the go! Long plane rides, meeting a friend in a coffee shop, or even just on vacation, you can play games regardless of location with this travel case! GAEMS also makes sure to include extra storage bags to hold your power cables, controllers, and your other gaming accessories. You've never seen a travel case like this, as it truly allows you play on the go all the while protecting your system with the utmost safety.  With a durable outer shell and an innovative interior LED, there is nothing not to love with this Xbox 360 protective travel case!


  • interior LED lighting
  • shoulder strap
  • extra storage bags

2. GAEMS Universal M155 -Console Backpack

GAEMS is back at it again with number two on our list! This travel case has both safety and practicality in mind when taking your Xbox 360 on the go. In the style of your everyday backpack, this case is completely designed for the most functional way to pack and carry your system along with its accessories. Each pocket perfectly fits not only your Xbox, but your controllers, games, and cords in separate pouches that ensure lack of tangling and scratches. Even though the outside isn't a hard shell like our fist case, GAEMS made sure to include additional padding for comfort and protection alike that is a tad more on the lighter side. Without the hassle of carrying your case in your hands on your travels, now you can simply sling it on your back and be on your way without worrying about the safety of your Xbox! We absolutely love this console backpack and think its the perfect fit for anyone looking to bring with their Xbox 360 wherever they go!


  • reinforced foam padding
  • waterproof
  • adjustable straps

3. GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment

Once again GAEMS has provided yet another highly esteemed Xbox 360 travel case that will not disappoint! This case is one that is very similar to the number one case on this list, but it does have some slight differences that all boil down to personal preferences. With the same style of a hard exterior and a  unique LED inside, the case is built a tad more for shorter travels rather than extended periods of time. With a slimmer design and a much more developed sound system, this case is great for small spaces like a dorm room, or even a long car ride. The goal of this travel case is to immerse you into your gaming environment without the complicated setup that prohibits you from playing on the go.  Similar to the first travel case, this one has an armored shell that is sure to protect against any outside threats to your Xbox.  For a case that has it all, from top notch outer protection to an all immersive sound system, be sure to check out GAEMS G155 today!


  • lockable latches
  • full screen controls
  • dual 3.5 mm headphone jacks

4. CTA Digital Universal Gaming Backpack

From CTA comes a travel case that has a wide range of features that are hard to resist! This Xbox 360 travel case includes a total of five accessory pockets, perfect for packing away cords, games, and of course the system itself. Along with this, the travel case comes in two different styles, both perfect for any travel in situation! You can pick from either the classic backpack design that makes for easy travel and storage, or you can choose the roller backpack design that enables for a lighter load for your back and quicker mobility. Either design still incorporates customizable straps and pouches that can be organized to your exact liking! Although this case may not be praised for its indestructible exterior, it does make up for it with its many storage pockets and comfortably padded straps. We definitely recommend the CTA Xbox 360 travel case for anyone who prefers a certain amount of organization along with a design perfect for your travel ease!


  • 5 accessory storage pockets
  • exterior headphones port
  • lockable latches

5. Hyperkin Polygon "The Rook" Travel Carrying Case

Sometimes when gaming on the go, the main concern is the console's absolute safety, no matter the journey! For just this worry we have for you "The Rook", created by Hyperkin Polygon. This travel case is constructed with safety as the number one priority, with not only a very sturdy exterior shell, but even with additional foam pads all within the interior. To also ensure organization among all of your gaming supplies, this case also features a layered setup, with your Xbox on top and your accessories below in multiple separately divided sections. Although this case does not include a LED on the inside, it still offers the same protective qualities found in our other top travel cases. What's more, is this case also comes in black and a bright vibrant lime green for a splash of individuality! Be sure to check out Hyperkin Polygon's "The Rook" today for an all inclusive travel case perfect for any situation!


  • extra protective padding
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • divided sections for organization

6. BUBM Storage Bag/ Travel Gadget Carry Case

Arguably the most perfect, as well as functional, portable travel storage is no doubt the suitcase! So, with a design and style similar to just that, we present the BUBM Xbox 36 storage bag. This travel case, as we mentioned, parallels a lot of features that make your average suitcase so amazing. These features include multiple layers with pockets, not only for only organization, but for keeping each part of console safe, ample padding to absorb any outside interferences, and three different handles for travel preference. With this, the bag has your normal handle, your added strap to even be worn across your body, and even another strap to hook onto suitcases. A travel case such as this is diverse in its characteristics and makes for the perfect travel companion! Your Xbox 360 will truly be without a scratch in this lightweight and neatly designed BUBM travel case! 


  • interior padding to reduce exterior shock
  • cushioned handle and attachable strap
  • organized layout

7. USA Gear Xbox One S Travel Carrying Bag

Suitcases and backpacks might work for some people, but then there are some of us that simply prefer your average messenger bag! USA Gear provides us a travel case with just that in mind, all while still providing the most protection for your Xbox 360 and all its additions. With proven scratch-resistant padding and fabric, this travel case will absolutely provide all your needed protection while still being a bag built for your practical every day use. The inside is composed of two main accessory compartments with added adjustable dividers to set up your case just the way you like it and that works for you! The customization offered is probably the best thing about this travel bag, as you can really take control and change its layout any which way. We highly suggest this travel case from USA Gear as its designed to parallel a comfortable messenger bag, all while still hosting a number of features perfect for traveling with your Xbox 3601


  • durable nylon fabric
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 2 external accessory pockets

8. ASTRO Gaming Scout Backpack

We've shown you a variety of XBox 360 travel cases in all sorts of styles already, but we think this might just be the most comfortable of them all. The ASTRO Gaming Scout Backpack brings you a new and modern take on the normal backpack! At first glance, it looks pretty much like your regular school backpack, but this gaming travel case has a lot more to offer than just that. This backpack was built specifically with comfort in mind, as an Xbox and all its respective gear can be quite the load to carry. The straps are made out of a dual layered padded ballistic nylon combined with 3D mesh for the ultimate comfort and for the least amount of strain on your shoulders. The case is also designed with multiple sections, similar to most backpacks, to help separate your games from your cords. What's even better about the ASTRO Gaming Scout Backpack is that even if you're not looking to travel with your Xbox, you can still use this multi-functional for everything from books to even your laptop! You simply can't go wrong in going with this backpack for your Xbox 360 travel needs!


  • ultra-protective interior
  • modern backpack style for comfort
  • high-quality 3D mesh

9. CTA Digital Heavy Duty Multi-Storage Hard Case

Are you a tad more rough with your personal belongings and need something built for every kind of tear and wear? Then we've got the Xbox 360 travel case for you! The CTA Digital Heavy Duty Multi-storage Hard Case is the perfect fit for any traveler, especially those that want to protect against any type of outside force. This insanely durable case is built with high-impact ABS construction, foam padded interior walls, and airtight protection that will absolutely protect your console and all its pieces. On top of being extremely fortified, this case also has a specially molded interior to fit each part of your Xbox and its accessories just perfectly so that they won't move around or get scratched during your travels. Although this case doesn't include straps, it does have a retractable handle and wheels for portable use. Scared of the damages that could occur to your Xbox 360 during travel, then fear not with the intense CTA travel case built to last!


  • high-impact ABS construction
  • molded interior
  • retractable luggage handle

10. UbiGear Travel Carry Case Bag

Last on our list is a design that may appear simple, but has all the features you would need for the best travel experience with you Xbox 360! This brand new travel case from UbiGear is made with the top material for long-lasting and durable results.  The case opens with ease and fits your console, cords, and games inside its thick interior padded walls. Simplicity is a big part of this case's design, but often simple is best when it comes to functionality and travel. With a detachable shoulder strap, this case is also one of the most light cases on our list so you don't have to worry if you already have a heavy load or simply want less to lug around in general. We believe this UbiGear travel case to be perfect for lighter and shorter travels, as its light but not the most durable. For your day to day use, this travel case is a wonderful addition for your gaming system!


  • light and easy to carry
  • high quality stitching
  • ultra thick interior padding