Top 15 Seinen Romance Anime


A seinen romance animie is one that is targeted at an audience of young and mature men. The best seinen romance anime series are essentially put together to portray romantic adventures and tales, in compelling plots and twists backed up with a strong narration.

The best seinen romance anime series will usually draw form, shape and influence from other genres such  as horror, the supernatural, comedy, action as well as thrillers.

What to look out for in a seinen romance anime:

These stories may appeal differently to a wide range of viewing audiences but there are common levels of assessment that can be associated with any best seinen romance anime. They are as follows:

  1. A good seinen romance anime must be carried along by believable characters.

  2. A good seinen romance anime must have a compelling storyline, complete with subplots and twists.

  3. A good seinen romance anime must have an engaging narration that will keep the reader involved

  4. A good seinen romance anime must be able to portray the various aspects of human life and interaction poignantly.

1. Romeo and Juliet


This rendition of the classical Williams Shakespeare’s body of work is sure to keep you glued to the edge of your seat. If the book can be said to be a literary master class, this anime packs a lot of punch for the detailed and extravagant manner in which the tale is carried forward by the two principal characters in the anime:  Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet and Romeo Candorenbato Montague.

It is woven around the plots that involve family responsibility, loyalty and love for perceived/real enemies. It is driven by plenty of action in terms of exquisite swordsmanship and also contains fitful scenes of romance. Juliet hides under the guise of a boy, in order to escape the treachery of a rival family household, The Montagues, that seeks to wipe out the memory of her family; she being the last surviving member. She falls for Romeo at their first initial meeting but when she discovers he is a Montague, she tries to keep her distance from him.

However, their feelings for each other take preeminence and they both must decide whether to shun family obligations and take a bet on a life together.

2. Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon?

This anime will tick the right buttons for fans of fast-paced adventure and action-packed suspense. The plot and story line revolves around the two principal characters: Hestia and Bell Cranel. Hestia is a teenager with godlike powers who finds that her need for to have a family of her own, matches the quest of Cranel, who is a shy but persistent young boy. He is also kindhearted as he looks out not only for others, but also for Hestia, which quickly turns into a mutual attraction from both characters.

3. Macross: Do you remember love?

This anime sparks for all the right reasons because its iteration is action packed and filled with suspense. In  a little deviation from popular love themes, Macross: Do you remember love involves romantic feelings in a triangle of love and affection.

The principal characters are Rick Hunter, Misa Reyes Hayase and Lynn Minmay. Rick Hunter is a young, ambitious military officer, whose relationship with his superior commanding officer, Misa Hayase goes from professional, to personal and then finally to romantic. However, Rick must choose between his affections for his boss and his fascination for Minmay Lynn, the musical star. Will Rick have the will to make his final choice, especially when he discovers that what he initially felt for Minmay were sparks without any substance?

4. InuYasha: The final act


Another quality entrant in the best Seinen  romance anime world is  InuYasha: the final act. It is a riveting tale, spanning a season of series, of love that is mutually felt and genuine but that has to overcome a host of obstacles that will test its resilience and worth.

The principal characters are  Inuyasha and Kagome. The former is a half-demon with extraordinary powers, who must decide to leave his immortality behind and assume human form, in his quest for love with Kagome. She is a kind-hearted girl, who sometimes gets dangerous when provoked. She too wields powers of her own. Inuyasha must play his role of guiding Kagome through the proper use of her powers, while deciding to take their love to new heights.

5. Castle in the Sky


Castle in the Sky is a production from the stable of  Studio Gibhli, complete with  high production ethics, flying scenes and an epic adventure. In addition to fast-paced action and adventure, you will find that there is a gripping love story between Pazu and Sheeta, the major characters in the anime.

Pazu is a young boy driven by his dream to find the mystical place in the sky called Laputa. Pazu is the apprentice of an engineer, and can play the trumpet really well. These attributes will serve him in good stead as he journeys. This  voyage  makes him cross paths with Sheeta, whose quest to guard a family heirloom from thieving pirates opens her to not just Pazu’s help but also to how her feelings for him will be shaped as they both search for that fantasy land, Laputa, in the sky.


6. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

This anime’s plot is woven around conspiracy theories bordering on aliens, supernatural  happenings and espers. The principal actors of this story are Haruhi Suzumiya and  Kyon. Haruhi has always believed that  there are species and events that exist in other time realms  and has a keen interest in their discovery.

She also has zero interests in people who do not share her passions until she finds an ally in Kyon, who she recruits into a club (the SOS Brigade) that she founds to explore her passions. Kyon initially did not have an interest in things supernatural but he is swayed by his interactions with Haruhi. The question then becomes: Will they find a passion in love as well?

7. Rurouni Kenshin


This best seinen anime is a delicate mix of riveting action and romance. The action is an elaborate display of the finer aspects of samurai fighting and swordsmanship. The romance is driven Kenshin, who is obligated to defend the cause he believes in and fight off villains and those who oppress the poor. It is in this quest that he crosses paths with Kaoru Kamiya, herself an accomplished fighter and compassionate leader.  They must go beyond their tough, external facades to find true love within and between themselves.

8. Yona of the Dawn

This anime is a classic example of the power of love and romance to alter one’s trajectory and mindset in another direction. The storyline centers on Yona, who is born into a privileged class of royalty and becomes a spoiled princess. She gets whatever she wants and demands. The years eventually take their toll, and a grown-up Yona, more tempered, is about to have her whole outlook changed when she finds herself in perilous situations that bring her in contact with love and all the other drama in between.

9. Little Busters! Refrain


This anime is a coloration of the events and happenings that go on in a typical high school. It is a whirlwind wind tale of events and drama on a baseball field that is intertwined with the strings of romance and love. Rin is the main heroine in this tale and her love for baseball knows no bounds, as she had continuously improved her skills to emerge as an ace pitcher. She meets Riki Naoe off the baseball pitch; he is a kind and compassionate young boy, who goes out of his way to help others. The question becomes whether he will help Rin find true love as well?

10. The world is still beautiful

This anime provides a beautiful weaving of love and uncertainty that comes with it. It stars the young king and Conqueror of the Sun Kingdom, Livius Orvinius Ifrikia. He reaches the opinion that his newly conquered kingdom has been without rain for too long, hence he marries Nicki Remercier, a manipulator of wind and water, in a bid to make rain fall. However, Nicki is strong-willed and independent and has other ideas of her own, This stance leads to many twists and turns in their love story, that will have you glued to your seat until the very end.

11. Revolutionary Girl Utena


This anime borders on aspects of love and sexuality that touches issues surrounding gays, bisexuals and incestuous relationships. The manner the plot is rendered is what will keep you glued to your TV set. The story line focuses on the relationship between Utena and Anthy. The former is disillusioned after a break-up with her boyfriend. She then finds a connection with Anthy who has a reputation of making people project their desires/wants onto her. In between are scenes of sleek fights, adventure and fast moving action.

12. Dusk maiden of Amnesia


This anime ticks all the right buttons for admirers of romance mixed with servings of horror and dread. The Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a fast paced movie bordering on the dead and the afterlife. It begins with the death of Yuuko Kanoe some fifty years ago in an old school building. Her search to find out how she died, she is introduced to Teiichi Niiya, who has the resources and the know-how to provide the answers she needs. Their search for clues leads them to amazing discoveries and the creation of a romantic bond.

13. The vision of Eschaflowne

This entrant is truly a reflection of the best seinen romance animie because it harps richly on the mecha and fantasy genres, while giving you riveting drama and pulsating action. The tale centers on the exploits of Hitomi Kanzaki and  Van Fanel. The latter finds that his kingdom is under threat of being overrun by forces aided by an elder brother he thought was dead. In the ensuing battle that almost claims his life, he is saved by Hitomi, who subsequently teaches Van the fighting skills he needs to defend his Kingdom. In between, they find that there are other attractions away from the battlefields.

14. The devil is a Part-timer


This anime will strike all right chords in you, for its funny renditions and portrayals that are not our everyday run-off the mill kind of descriptions. For one, the portrayal of the devil is not according to what we are used to in biblical based stories. Sadou Maou, who plays that role, is an ordinary guy who works at a burger joint. However, when push comes to shove, he calls upon his many powers, especially in the defense of pretty ladies. His exploits see him go from part-time worker to full-time staff.

15. Ah! My goddess, the movie


This anime is a romantic thriller, that will leave you panting for more and more. It revolves around the lives of  Keiichi,  your typical 17-year-old teenager that is into stuff  boys his age fancy: video games, the internet and of course, girls! He pushes the edges of his fascination when his path crosses that of the beautiful goddess Belldandy. She grants him his one wish which is for her to remain at his side forever.

However, it may not turn out to be a beautiful forever, as they are soon confronted with a number of issues, including the attention of Celestine, who mentored Belldandy in the past.

This list is by no means exhaustive. While a compilation of the best seinen romance anime series is a subjective exercise; colored by the interests, views and perceptions of the reviewer, there are still common grounds of assessing the quality of a seinen romance anime. Such an anime must not only entertain, its characters must be able to conjure up emotions and feelings that resonate with the whole range of the feelings humans have and express.

In other words, a good seinen romance animie will be filled with the elements of surprise, thrills, twists and turns, while being founded on relatable story plots that pulls the viewer into the anime itself.