The Ultimate DIY Guide to Sailor Mars Cosplay!

We all know the disciplined and practical head-strong Sailor Moon character, Sailor Mars! With her fiery spirit, Rei Hino blazed through any enemy that came upon the Sailor Scouts.  She kicked ass every day, and now you can be her too! We’ll show you how to create the best Sailor Mars cosplay out there!


You can’t miss Sailor Mars beautiful long black hair. Whether Rei is sweeping the shrine or fighting enemies, her hair is constantly flowing. You’re going to want a long and straight black hair wig. You can’t forget her bangs! If you find a wig without bangs, you’ll need to cut the wig yourself.


All the Sailor Scouts get their name from their iconic sailor uniforms. Sailor Mars’ top has all sorts of details that don’t just come in a simple white t-shirt. So you’ll need to use a bit of your sewing skills for this one! You’ll need a white top, some extra white fabric and stuffing (or shoulder pads), white ribbon, and red cloth for the collar!

I recommend you follow along with this Youtube tutorial by @helonmelonhead or this Youtube tutorial by @coolirpa for help with sewing the top together!

You might need to stop by your local fabric store for red cloth and white ribbon to make Sailor Mars’ fire-red sailor collar.


Sailor Mars has a cute red pleated skirt. If you don’t want to take the time to sew a red skirt to your top, you can just buy a separate one!


Out of all the Sailor Scouts, Sailor Mars gets to look bad-ass and fight in red high heels! You too can look powerful and sleek in heels.


You can’t forget Sailor Mars’ long white gloves! You’ll need to use your sewing skills once again to match her white gloves with red trim.


Sailor Mars also has two giant bows on her costume. One at the front of her sailor suit and one at the back. Be sure to find a large purple bow or create your own with purple fabric from the store! Follow the Youtube tutorials here or here on how to create your own ribbon bow

Finishing Details

You can’t forget the final details to Sailor Mars’ outfit! She wears a red choker, red star dangly earrings, and a gold tiara.

Take any leftover red fabric from the collar and fashion it into a choker or you can purchase one.

Sailor Mars has dangling red star earrings that dazzle. You can either paint star earrings red or buy them.

For her gold tiara, you can buy gold fabric or foam and make your own using elastic (or hair clips) and plastic red gems from your local crafts store!

Now don’t forget to say “Mars Power, Make-Up!” before you save the world!