25 Bloody Gore Anime That Will Haunt Your Nightmares


Over the years, horror anime as a genre has evolved from simple animations with blood to complex action scenes involving swift movements and vigorous attacks. From the old school anime that were controversial of its time to the new school anime that are vibrant  and rich in story, Anime Impulse has collected a list that contains the series that are gritty, true to heart, animations of gore, action, and horror. With this alphabetical list of bloody anime, it is expected that it will feed your appetite of death, despair, and probably slicing people up. 

It's important to note that these anime are not for the faint of heart and should be watched with the viewers discretion. The anime contain graphic and violent content  that may disturb viewers new to the horror film scene. Please don't tell your mother.

Here are the 25 Bloody Anime That Will Haunt Your Nightmares!

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Warning: this post contains graphic depictions of violence and gore

1. Another


Studio: P.A. Works

"Another" is a supernatural thriller that follows Kouichi Sakakibara, a fresh transfer student, arriving to his new school at Yomiyama North Middle School. Kouichi is instantly troubled by the somber atmosphere that infests his unfamiliar class of 3-3. He then grows fond of the mysterious, outcasted girl named Mei Misaki that is neglected by all the students in the class. As Kouichi gets closer to Mei, he gradually learns of the terrifying history of Yomiyama North Middle School's class 3-3's death of a girl named Misaki in 1972 and is set into a spiral of tragedies that may end the lives of his classmates or even his own. 

2. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)


Studios: Wit Studio & Production I.G. 

For 100 peaceful years, the remainder of the human race lived in fear behind layers of gigantic walls surrounding the only city left in humanity. One day, a Colossus Titan destroys a section of the outer wall to let in a horde of smaller, but just as dangerous, Titans to consume every human being in sight. Set in a world where flesh eating giants roam free, "Shingeki no Kyojin" (Attack on Titan) is an action packed fantasy that follows the lives of Eren Yeager, a human boy, Mikasa Ackerman, his foster sister, and his friend Armin Arlert on their journey in the military to fight in the war against these Titans. Eren swore to eliminate every last Titan for eating his mother in the initial intrusion. Much to their surprise, these hungry, mindless Titans are capable of doing much more than just wreaking havoc.

3. Basilisk


Studio: Gonzo

Two feuding rival ninja clans, the Iga Tsubagakure and Kouga Manjidani, have been fighting for centuries until Hattori Hanzo the First created a cease fire treaty for the families. Many years later, the Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, retires and is going to pass the leadership to either of his sons. In order for him to choose a son with no bias, Ieyasu ended the peace between the Iga and the Kouga. Each clan has to send ten of their best ninjas to fight in a battle until death. If Kougas are victorious, the eldest son Takechiyo is chosen for the Shogun position. If the Igas are victorious, the younger son Kunichiyo is chosen for the Shogun position. The future Shogun is determined between this age old war between clans that have not fought in years. May the winner live forever more.

4. Berserk


"Berserk" is an anime adapted from the manga series that follows Guts, the Black Swordsman, in his adventure of slaying gigantic monsters with a sword that is even bigger than himself. In his adventures, Guts encounters many situations where he has to save someone from corruption. When Guts is first introduced, he walks into a town's tavern to find a bunch of bandits harassing an elf named Puck. He slaughters them all and protects Puck, who then accompanies Guts on his unknown journey. Will the addition to people to his team hurt Guts in the long run? Is his motive for his adventure to hunt somebody?

5. Blood-C


Studio: Production I.G.

"Blood-C" is a horror, action series that revolves a shrine maiden with a burden over her shoulders. By day, Saya Kisaragi is your average, clumsy teenager in high school. By night, Saya Kisaragi has more to worry about than just homework. With a divine sword given by her Priest Father, Saya promised to slay all the monsters that pose a threat to her small village. As more and more monsters invade the village, Saya is dawned with flashbacks and headaches about her missing memories. A small dog approaches Saya one day and asks her to whom she promised to protect everyone. She hesitates, not able to answer the question. And the truth of her beginnings soon unfold...

6. Claymore


Studio: Madhouse

"Claymore" is a supernatural adventure that follows Raki, a young boy who lost his family to Yoma, and a Claymore named Clare, a half-human half-yoma that was sent to search and destroy the Yoma within a givin area. Yomas are demonic beasts that devour the innards of humans and can even disguise themselves as their prey. With the ability to blend in as a human, Yoma are also able to recreate their memories and their thought patterns. Clare is a Claymore that was initially a human prior to her transformation into a Claymore. With a personal mission and Raki by her side, Clare is going to do whatever it takes to achieve completion of her mission.

7. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou)


Studio: Asread

"Corpse Party: Tortured Souls" is an anime adaptation of the 1996 horror, RPG video game "Corpse Party." The story of Corpse Party: Tortured Souls follows a group of high school classmates that gather around a fire in their class room after hours to recite ghost stories. They then perform a ritual that leads them to fall into a different dimension into an haunted elementary school that was destroyed prior to the building of the high school. Ghosts and demons run rampant in this dimension, and they're out for blood. With pitch black settings and no one else to be found, these students find themselves among their biggest fear: death. Although the anime adaptation of Corpse Party is 4 episodes long, every episode will put you on the edge of your seat.

8. Deadman Wonderland


Studio: Manglobe

Following a middle school massacre of 29 students, fellow classmate Ganta Igarashi was convicted of murder of all cases and sentenced to life at the Deadman Wonderland, a prison amusement park. "Deadman Wonderland" is an action, horror series that tells the story of Ganta's struggle and survival at the infamous Deadman Wonderland. To stay alive in the prison, one must participate and win in the event chosen for them. But as any privately owned prison, there are corrupted authorities and conspiracies within the infrastructure. Ganta must risk his life to find the sole reason he was framed to be put into this institution as a slave of entertainment.

9. Elfen Lied


Studio: ARMS

Weapons of mass destruction is a term that is thrown around loosely. In this case, Lucy, a diclonius that is a genetically modified human specie, is the first of her kind. "Elfen Lied" is a story that revolves around Lucy as she is prematurely let loose from her facility off the coast of Kamakura. While escaping the facility, Lucy abuses her telekinetic power to penetrate and slice through the guards that are meant to keep her contained. As she is on the cliff over the beach, a sniper shot slightly misses and dislodges her metal helmet. Lucy falls off the cliff and is knocked unconscious. The next day, Lucy washes up on shore with no memories, no clothes, and no sense of speech. A male, Kouta, and his cousin, Yuka, encounters buck naked Lucy on the beach, clothe her, and take her back to Kouta's new home. Lucy is then dubbed "Nyu" as that is the only word she can say. Little do Kouta and Yuka know, Nyu is capable of eliminating the human race with just her mind.

10. Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken)


Studio: Toei Animation

"Fist of the North Star," also known as Hokuto no Ken, was a hit martial arts series back in the 1984. Running on 109 episodes, "Fist of the North Star" is in a post-apocalyptic world where Kenshirou is on the hunt for Shin, the man who took his fiancee, Yuria. In order for Kenshirou to continue his search for his wife-to-be, he must first fight his way through the hinderances with Hokuto Shinken, his lethal fighting form. With marvelous amounts of obstacles in his path will end in blood shed and Kenshirou on top. But he mustn't forget his ultimate goal: defeat Shin and reclaim the love of Yuria once again.

11. Gantz


Studio: Gonzo

Kei Kurono was caught up in a situation where a homeless man has fallen into the tracks of the subway. A childhood friend of his suddenly appears at the same subway stop and has chosen to help this homeless man. His friend, Masarou Katou, screams out Kurono's name. All eyes are on Kurono as if he doesn't help his friend and the homeless man, he is considered selfish for his own life; while, if he does help, he and his friend have a possibility of dying. Eventually, he and his friend end up beheaded in the middle of the subway floor and are prompted to an afterlife with a room full of strangers and a big, black ball playing God. "Gantz" is story of Kei and Masarou as they have to fight through their morals and ethics to appease this God type figure giving them a "second chance" at life. The phrase "You Only Live Once" does not apply in this gruesome anime.

WARNING: Graphic rape scenes included

12. Genocyber


Studio: Artmic

Rated as one of the most controversial animes to come out during the early 1990's, "Genocyber" is based off the well known manga with the same name. Although the anime and manga share the same name, the two are relatively different stories but are just as insane as one another. The story takes place in the future with mankind uniting to form one uniform government. However, unity just isn't probable with the populous of corrupt minds and power hungry corporations that want to rule the world. A powerful company called the Kuryu Group is trying to create the strongest weapon known to world: a Genocyber, which is a large, biologically modified human with features such as regeneration, unstoppable strength, and psychic powers. But with a force this powerful, can mankind suppress this beast or will they create a new overlord?

13. Hellsing OVA (Hellsing Ultimate)


The name "Hellsing" is almost synonymous to the word vampire in today's pop culture. From American film Van Helsing to Japan's Hellsing OVA, vampires and other supernatural beings presence do not fall short in these iterations of horror films. In "Hellsing OVA," a secret branch of the British government called the Hellsing Organization was created to ensure the population's protection over these supernatural beings. The most prominent and reliable killer, Alucard, sets foot into specialized missions to deal with vampires, as he himself is a vampire. Alucard is a total bad ass with his top hat,suit and tie but when it comes to killing off whatever is in his path like werewolves, vampires, monsters of god, and all, nothing screams out beast like his 2 semi automatic hand cannons. If you're hungry for blood gushing savagery, Hellsing OVA is 10 episodes and runs on about an hour each to fuel your appetite.

14. Highschool of the Dead


Studio: Madhouse

Where will you be when a zombie apocalypse plagues your city? For Takashi Kimuro and his childhood lover, Rei Miyamoto, it starts at 5th period. While ditching his class, Takashi stands outside on the stairs to witness the zombie phenomenon happen at the gates of his high school. An older man with blood ripped clothing bangs on outer gates of the school and bites a concerning gym teacher. From there, the zombie infection spreads furiously to staff and students. Takashi runs to get his former lover in a reaction to getting away from the zombies before the infection gets out of hand. They eventually team up with Saeko Busujima, a self-proclaimed genius, Kouta Hirano, a stereotypical otaku and others to combat the sudden downfall of humanity as they know it. WARNING: Stay alert of your surrounds when watching the series. Some scenes may be too sensual as the show is classified as an ecchi. But also, there may be a zombies behind you.


15. Mnemosyne


Studio: Xebec

The idea of living forever sounds endearing to most people in the world. What if it were real? In "Mnemosyne," a Yggdrasil is a tree that spawns small "time fruits" that have lasting effects depending on gender. If you are female with a time fruit, you become immortal. If you are male with a time fruit, you become an Angel. Over 1,000 years ago, Rin Asogi was presented with a time fruit from a Yggdrasil. For years, she has wandered Japan, living in every era and seeing the darkest parts of humanity's evolution. In the year 1990, Rin runs a private investigation agency with her also immortal assistant, Mimi. But, the current guardian of the Yggdrasil does not want any immortals to be alive. Apos, the guardian, sends an assassin named Laura to kill off Rin and her assistant. The story revolves around Rin's investigations and survival against those that want her dead. With 6 episodes running on 45 minutes each, Mnemosyne is a one of a kind anime based off the idea of immortality.

16. Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show (Shoujo Tsubaki)


Studio: Hiroshi Harada

"Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show" is a 48 minute long animated movie about Midori, an elementary school girl who's life took an unexpected turn when her mother was dying of illness. Placed in the early 20th century, Midori was forced to drop out of school to sell flowers to support her and her mother. Midori wished for a better life than the one she lived. She is prompted by a strange man willing to buy all her flowers, take care of her, and show her a new life. Midori comes home to see her mother in bed dead and being dinner for a group of rats. Packing her things to abandon her home, Midori walks to the address of which the strange man had given her. To her surprise, she was tricked into a room full of circus freaks that instantly took advantage and bully her to the point of suicidal thoughts. This is a story of her struggles of being trapped into a life in which she cannot fend for herself.

WARNING: Graphic rape scenes included

17. Murder Princess


Studio: Bee Train

It's the year 672, the Royal Palace of Forland is under attack by wilder beasts. The King of Forland is wounded. In his last few breaths, he tells his only daughter Alita, the heir to the Forland kingdom, to escape the land through the forest to keep the Forland name alive. Alita escapes the building with the help of guards. As she is running away in the forest, a giant wilder beast strikes! A female bounty hunter named Falis happened to be in the forest already fighting these beasts off. The wilderbeast approaches Alita and Falis on a cliff, making the two take a dive into the night sky, several hundred feet down. During the falling spiral, Falis and Alita started to glow and switch bodies due to the Law of Spirits. Falis (in Alita's body) the bounty hunter is now the Princess of Forland and one of the most bad ass killers of all the land. Thus, the strongest Princess in the annals of history was born.

18. Ninja Scroll (Juubee Ninpuuchou)


Studio: Madhouse

A broken swordsman, Jubei Kibagami, roams the land in his lonesome in search of assassination jobs to fund his adventures. From his history of deceit and betrayal, Jubei has no remorse to his savagery when unleashing pain upon his victims. A town close by to Jubei was in ruin by an unsuspecting plague that has taken the lives of all that inhabit the village. A team of specialized ninjas were sent to investigate the village only to be ambushed by a rock solid man-beast; thus, killing them all but one female ninja named Kagero. Jubei saves Kagero with the means of his sword straight down the middle of the man-beast, slicing the crumbling creature's head into two. Jubei has now intervened with the plans of the Devils of Kimon, a group of ninjas with supernatural powers wanting to overthrow the government. Will the heartless Jubei alongside Kagero win the battle against the evils of the Devils of Kimon? Will he piece the puzzle of the relationship between the plague and the Devils of Kimon?

19. Parasyte -the maxim-


Studio: Madhouse

It's happened! Extraterrestrial worm-like beings have found prey on our planet Earth. These parasitic worms land on top of living objects in goals of gaining access to the objects' control system and absorb all the nutrients in order to survive. Shinichi Izumi has a first hand experience of one of these aliens while he was sleeping. Instead of instantly taking control of Shinichi's brain, the parasite creates a burrow into Shinichi's right hand and remains there as it fails to complete its mission. The parasite is stagnant. It begins to make peace with living in Shinichi's hand as the only means of survival. The parasite, now named Migi, talks Shinichi into a living a life in unity, where they will cooperate and coexist, as it is their only choice.. Unless Shinichi wants to lose a right hand permanently. Migi will protect Shinichi with its unbelievable extraterrestrial powers while Shinichi provides life to Migi.

20. Shigurui


Studio: Madhouse

The Iwata dojo of the Noubi region is highly praised as having one of the best swordsman in the land. The leader of the Koga clan, Kogan Iwamoto, is tasked to teach his disciples the way of the Kogan sword-style. An outsider, Seigen Irako, challenges Iwamoto to a wooden sword duel. But as the dojo rules suggest, he must fight two apprentices before fighting the master. One of those apprentices is Gennosuke Fujiki, a hard working swordsman that is disciplined fully into the Kogan style. Seigan Irako eventually becomes Kogan Iwamoto's disciple. In this time of peace in Japan, Lord Tokugawa Tadanga holds a swordsmen tournament in which each fighter uses a wooden sword to showcase one's skills. But to much surprise, Lord Tokugawa Tadanga requires the tournament be held with actual swords. As a result, destinies collide and Fujiki(now one arm less) has to fight his rival Irako (now blind) in a battle of abnormal sword styles. Each wanting to be the successor of the Kogan Iwamoto's Dojo.

21. Terra Formars


Studio: Liden Films

In the fight that could possibly save his dear friend, Akari Hizamaru is set to fight in an underground cage match surrounded by wealthy viewers. With his sick friend in a hospital bed needing an organ transplant, Akari has to win against an undefeated, natural-born-killer bear. Man versus bear? The odds are against him. Akari is not a normal man, though. Akari, while pinned to the floor by the vicious animal, channels his inner-demonic form and turns the fight around. Gouging the bear's eyes out and stomping on its head to ensure the victory. After the fight, he is then prompted by the fight organizer that his friend is now dead from the mysterious, unusual sickness and the whole ordeal is a scam. An outside organization called the U-NASA reached to Akari and want to send men on Mars to exterminate the giant monsters that are speculated to cause the sickness that Akari's friend held. Will Akari's demonic form be enough to eliminate these freaks of natures in space?

22. Tokyo Ghoul


Studio: Studio Perriot

Tokyo has been infiltrated by monstrosities named ghouls, and they're out for blood. These ghouls, however, pose as a threat to the population of Japan. Ghouls in its purest form are carnivores and cannibals. Ghouls mimic the physical appearance of a human and are able to disguise themselves as humans by doing human things like eating and working. "Tokyo Ghoul" follows the story of Ken Kaneki, a bookworm from Kamii University, and his interactions with a love interest, Rize Kamishiro, who later happens to be a ghoul. With a kakuhou transplant from Rize, Kaneki's life changes as he becomes a one eyed hybrid ghoul known as Eyepatch. Kaneki resents eating humans. The story of "Tokyo Ghoul" follows Ken Kaneki's struggle with balancing the menace that he has become.

23. Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend


Studio: Anime 18

Hailed as one of the darkest, most infamous series produced in the early years of anime, "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend" mixed "horror, violence, and sadistic scenes of rape" in its animated adaptation of the original manga. Legend of the Overfiend ran through 6 series of OVA from 1987 to 2002. The anime may have spawned the original tentacle rape genre. The story of "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend" is prefaced with a world where humans were not the only things living in the Earth. The other races: demons and half-man-half-beast. Every 3,000 years spawns the Overfiend to balance out the races. The plot follows a man-beast named Amano Jyaku as he believes the Overfiend is in his presence as a mere mortal named Tatsuo Nagumo. Amano believes that Nagumo has to be protected by the demons that may harm him. Without the Overfiend, the balance of the three races may be shifted toward the demons.

24. Violence Jack


Studio: Soei Shinsha

"Violence Jack" takes place in the post-destroyed cities of the Kanto region. Natural selection has taken its course on humanity as only the strong survive. Violence Jack is one of those jacked bastards that emerged from the rubble to show the world of his savagery. Standing at 10 feet tall, Jack has fangs of a wolf, the muscle mass of a damn gorilla, and a jack knife a little over a foot long. While roaming the broken lands of the Kanto region, Jack is the guy to take down groups of bandits, rapists, and killers from those that are weak. The adventures of "Violence Jack" are split into 3 OVA: Harem Bomber, Evil Town, and Hell's Wind. Each OVA takes place in the different zones of the Kanto region. Released in 1986, 1988, and 1990 respectively, "Violence Jack" remains the go-to anime to get your dose of a vigorous, selfless antihero. 

25. When They Cry (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)


Studio: Studio Deen

Don't be fooled by the innocence of the first episode! There's something spooky about the small village of Hinamizawa. Keiichi Maebara moved to Hinamizawa for about a month before realizing the true terrors of the town. Easily earning friends in his class, his female classmates, Mion, Rena, Rika, and Satoko have invited him to join their club for fun. Rena takes a liking to Keiichi and the two explore an abandoned wasteland. Keiichi discovers from a wandering photographer about the horrors of the murders and disappearances that have been going on. When confronted, Rena and Rika deny any of the horrific incidences. Can Keiichi trust his friends or do the raggedy news articles in the wasteland tell a different story?

The Scariest Bloody Anime Girl

Set aside the cute and pretty anime girls you are used to, and make way for these terrifying female characters who will give you the absolute creeps and nightmares to keep you awake for weeks on end.


Al Enma – Hell Girl

At first, Ai Enma appears to be a beautiful, harmless young girl with a cold personality, who really doesn’t spark fear. However, she possesses otherworldly powers that will leave anyone terrified.

If someone is looking for vengeance, all they need to do is pull a red string tied around a certain straw doll, and Ai will come and deliver the chosen target to hell. The catch is that the client who pulls the red string needs to agree to travel to hell as well. Many clients choose to back out of this deal once made, but making a deal with Ai is like making a deal with the devil, and she will drag you to hell, no matter what it takes.


Diana and Elaine Reed – Genocyber

Genocyber is famous for being one of the goriest and most controversial anime shows ever made, even though it is fairly old, made back in the ‘90s.

Diana and Elaine might seem like young, innocent twins, but in reality, they are a mix of robot makeup, an animal's nervous system, and wild instinct. They have been created to kill on site, and do so in gory, bloody ways. They are indestructible as well, not even affected when they are the center of a full-blown nuclear attack.

They are what nightmares of made of, innocent children who also happen to be the ultimate machine of vengeance and horror.


Shiro – Deadman Wonderland

Shiro, from Deadman Wonderland, has a deadly split personality. She was a science experiment of Hagire Rinichiro and Sorae Igarashi, who put her through multiple horrible experiments.

Through these experiments, the first Deadman was created, along with Shiro’s second personality, who is known as the Wretched Egg. This second personality is what helps her deal with her torture and pain.

Anyone who comes into contact with Shiro can never be sure which version of her they are meeting, either the sweet, energetic girl or the sadistic and bloodthirsty Red Man. The unpredictability of her character makes for great suspense and a thrilling storyline.


Sachiko Shinozaki – Corpse Party

Sachiko was a reclusive and shy girl when she was alive. After the death of her mother, she transforms into a vengeful and sadistic spirit.

She first appears as a friendly ghost, but soon turns into a bloodthirsty spirit who murders anyone she wants.

What makes her absolutely terrifying is that she doesn’t like to kill her victims straight away, instead, she takes her time by ripping their tongue out and gouging out their eyes, just for her own amusement.

To make her character even more disturbing, she targets children, finding absolute bliss from their torture and deaths.


Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi

When first introduced, Shion seems like your average girl, happy and energetic with a bubbly personality. However, as more truths are revealed about her, everything goes south.

Shion has a terrifying side to her that is difficult to grasp. She has a spectacular mental breakdown that leads to her being responsible for a mass amount of bloodbaths and violence. She is shrewd, manipulative, cold and an absolute delinquent.

Her bubbly, friendly appearance is a complete contrast to her violent, unstable behavior, which definitely does make her unpredictable and totally scary!


Ophelia – Claymore

Ophelia is one of the scariest females you will come across in any anime show.

She absolutely delights in murdering and killing anyone she wishes dead. To add to that, she doesn’t kill them until she has spent her sweet time maiming, torturing and teasing her victims with the idea of death.

Ophelia is incredibly unpredictable, she is wild and has an overwhelmingly sadistic personality. Her elven-like appearance should not throw you off, she is really what nightmares are made of.


Diva – Blood+

Diva is pretty, she comes across as charming thanks to her good looks. However, as pretty as she is, she is so much more dangerous. She is completely unpredictable and can turn in a second.

She was raised in poor conditions, treated badly by those who were supposed to love her. This upbringing is what drove her to be the epitome of evil, and she carries it off flawlessly.

To make her even more frightening, she is really intelligent. She thinks things through and executes her sadistic plans really well.

The Scariest Brutal Gore Anime

Sometimes a little bit of horror and gore can be just what you need to liven up your anime. If you are really looking for something full of brutality, violence, and bloodshed, try and watch one of the below anime.



Even though it was made in the ’90s, Genocyber is one of those gore anime shows that will always be controversial.

It is a mecha horror anime, spread across five seasons, which centers around a new weapon that destroys and kills anything that moves. Other than the plainly horrific gore on screen, this anime did something no anime had done before, it contained scenes of children being blown up and murdered.

Genocyber has enough bloodshed and gore to last you a while and is an anime only to be watched by the brave of heart.


Terra Formars

Terra Formars gained notoriety by being the most censored anime show ever made.

The story is set in the near future. Six crew members travel to mars, but they are met with a horrid surprise. Giant mutant humanoid cockroaches devour them just as they send a transmission back to earth. Back on earth, humanity plans to send an exterminating party to mars to rid it of these mutant creatures.

There is so much censorship in Terra Formars that it is a definite must-see for anyone who has a draw towards all things gore and brutality. It might seem like a simple storyline, but it will leave you with haunted dreams long after you have finished watching.

Randy Ho