15 Best Anime Youtube Channels


From anime reviews, cosplay, AMV's, and even vlogs, YouTube has a lot to offer if you're as obsessed with anime as we are. It's easy to get lost in the crowded and unorganized place that is YouTube, so we went ahead and made a list of the 15 best anime YouTube channels that will fulfill all of your otaku needs!

1. Glass Reflection

Anime is constantly being produced and given to us as consumers. This never-ending flow of anime can cause some confusion on which ones are of good quality and which ones to avoid altogether, which brings us to our first channel on our list, the well-known youtuber Glass Reflection. This youtuber really sits down with his viewers and critically analyzes a wide number and variety of anime, both of current and older generations. Now, a lot of youtubers follow this same format, but what makes Glass Reflection stand out is his well-thought out critiques and easy to watch composure. He really digs in deep and gives us the reviews we're dying to hear. An added bonus is his level of quality he produces for his video and with his editing. Both make watching him equally enjoyable and informative! We highly recommend Glass Reflection if you're a lover of anime and are in need of someone to provide the best and the worst that the media has to offer.

2. Black Anime Network

Sometimes we want the inside scoop on the best anime out there without having to listen to someone go on and on about why. What we need is a channel that combines both the fun aspects of an AMV and reviews all in one. Black Anime Network does just that on their channel of visually stunning Anime Music Videos intertwined with the best anime from various genres. Each video is unique in its music choice, anime selection, and genre specification. You can easily tune in to check out what are the top new romance anime or even the top post-apocalyptic anime in these captivating music videos. Many Youtubers offer AMV's, but the level of skill and creativity presented on this channel greatly outweighs what the numerous other channels have to offer. Give Black Anime Network a go today to check out some amazingly done videos that will transport you into the anime themselves!

3. AnimeUnity

Finding out which anime from every which genre is the best of the best is all well and good, but sometimes we just want to sit back, relax and watch some awesome AMV's. AnimeUnity has all that and more in their widely diverse content in music videos and character driven songs. Tune in to check out some wonderfully comprised videos made up of all of your most favorite anime and characters in a mashup you never would have previously imagined. This is definitely not the first channel to feature content such as this, but it stands out with the level of creativity that goes into the making of each music video and the guaranteed emotional impact. AnimeUnity will not disappoint any music and anime lover alike, as each video is unique and beautifully rendered making it hard to look away from the screen!

4. FUNimation

FUNimation has long been a studio to provide quality content in terms of anime and Japanese media, but now you can check out even more exclusive content with their youtube channel! We all want to stay up to date on the latest in anime news, especially with thrilling new series and films constantly making their way to our screens. This channel is specifically designed to bring you videos about just that, really justifying its placement in the top five on our list. If you're as obsessed with anime as we are, you have to check out what FUNImation has to offer! From special interviews with directors, previews for upcoming anime series, to even fun and a bit wild vlogs all about anime, this youtube channel has it all. Be sure to stop by FUNimation for all the newest updates and gossip that you can't find anywhere else!

5. DouchebagChocolat

Anime reviewers come in all shapes and sizes, and every now and then we need one that is just bizarre enough to capture so many people's attention. DouchebagChocolat is a one of a kind youtuber with content that's surprising, to say the least, but what makes his videos worth watching is their pretty in depth analysis on a variety of popular anime. Even with his inclusion of meme's and side commentary, his reviews are pretty spot on and critical in a way that a lot of reviewers seem to lack. He really spends a descent amount of time talking about the plot, character interaction, development and much more in anime that can often get glossed over simply due to popularity. If you're interested in discovering more about anime in both an equally profound and eccentric way, then absolutely check out DouchebagChocolat!

6. BobSamurai

Not everyone is as interested in anime reviews fraught with unconventional jokes and memes, some people would rather enjoy a clear cut review with to the point analysis. For these types of people, youtuber BobSamurai is perfect as he provides very detailed anime reviews in a very precise and logical manner. He really dives into every anime and almost scene by scene plays out his critiques, thoughts, and overall opinion on its quality. These reviews can be quite helpful, especially if you're new to anime and need a bit of guidance on what's good and what should be avoided at all costs. As far as anime reviewers go, BobSamurai is undoubtedly one of the best as he really proves his vast knowledge on anime and writing as a whole. Save some time on endless internet research into what anime to watch next and instead watch even on or two of BobSamurai's videos for in-depth anime reviews. 

7. Iwasaka Miyuki

Watching anime is fun no doubt, but every now and then its pretty enjoyable to completely immerse yourself in the stories and characters with cosplay. Cosplay is in its own way pretty difficult and challenging, especially if you're new to the hobby, so we suggest you check out youtuber Iwasaka Miyuki for the best step-by-step tutorials in makeup, wigs, and all things cosplay. From Disney princesses to Love Live! idols, Iwasaka Miyuki covers a wide variety of cosplay characters and helps you start your own cosplay adventure. Her tutorials are easy to follow, simple, and most of all, afforable! She even goes out of her way to show special cosplay tricks that can really change your whole perspective on makeup and wig hacks. Love anime so much you want to be a part of that world and all of its inspiring characters, well follow this channel to begin and enhance your cosplay career!

8. youlazybum

We simply can't complete this list without yet another AMV channel! Youlazybum might fall under the category of your ordinary anime music video, but the content on this channel really spans across a wide span of anime and animation in general that makes it distinctive nonetheless. From Overwatch, RWBY, to even Porter Robinson's renowned music video 'Shelter', this channel has a music video for every type of animation! Not even does this channel simply include a refreshing variety, but the editing and music are just as phenomenal. When you've just watched a new favorite series, turning to AMV's is only natural, and youlazybum is a great choice for that specific department!

9. PeachMilky

So far we've talked about AMV, cosplay, and anime review channels, but what we really need is someone sharing their everyday Japanese cultural experience! Follow vlogger PeachMilky as she divulges her explorations in Japan in a fun and adventurous vlog with new experiencs and places a plenty. New to Japan, PeachMilky goes out and journies through Tokyo, Osaka, and even Kyoto to try out cafes and shopping of all kinds. We can watch anime all day long, but it's rare for a lot of us to experience the culture that inspired us all. This channel is perfect for just that as it takes us abroad to the places we've seen animated, but not with our own eyes! With fun events, kawaii fashion, and even a bit of of Tokyo Disneyland, PeachMilky is a must for anyone curious about the true culture Japan has to offer.

10. Anime Browser

Back to finding the best of the best anime, we turn our sights to Anime Browser! Another channel featuring anime ratings in the form of AMV's, we found that you just can't resist the fun-to-watch format while simultaneously learning which anime to watch next. Anime Browser is made specifically to inform you on what's the Top 10 in a plethora of genres, featuring anime you haven't heard of, enticing you to really step out of your comfort zone of watching only what's popular. What we really love about this channel is the music that has an effective build-up that always leads you to the number one anime of each video with full anticipation. If Black Anime Network didn't quite cut it for you, then make sure to watch at least one video from this channel and you'll be surprised by the amount of suggestions you're given in a creative format!

11. Anime-Topic

Sifting through never-ending channels to find quality content on YouTube can seem like a daunting and even tiring task. It's a good thing Anime-Topic has decided to do the grunt work for you and put together the most successful videos from every type of anime reviewer out there. Instead of sticking to one reviewer, who you can easily grow bored with, follow this channel for contrasting as well as varying opinions on all of your favorite anime. Anime-Topic has everything from more serious toned speakers touching on the very real and parallel issues anime addresses, to videos arguing on whether Power Rangers or Voltron is better. You simply can't get bored sifting through this channel, as it has so much to offer that you're bound to find a specific reviewer that you really relate to without the trouble of digging through the void that is YouTube.

12. Sophie Chan

When watching anime, we all get a different experience out of it, but it often leads to inspiration of some kind or another. And in the case of Sophie Chan, she gets inspired to draw! This channel is absolutely unique on our list as its the only one that features drawing tutorials for those of us wanting to draw in the style of anime.  Anime is known to be a pretty difficult style to conquer, and it's always good to start out with some sort of guidance to really understand the characteristics to include to achieve said style. Sophie Chan provides that exact kind of guidance in her drawing tutorials where she shows you how to sketch all sorts of anime characters and what you need to do to master the art of anime. Follow her very detailed and explanatory videos to finally start drawing anime of your very own!

13. RafiRaffee

The anime environment can often get crowded with male audiences and male reviewers, so it's nice to have a change of pace every now and then. Let us introduce you to RafiRaffee, a passionate youtuber with videos of all kinds, all anime related and enjoyable to watch! This channel takes you everywhere from the definition of an otaku to reading old fanfic written by the youtuber herself. We love the creativity that goes into each and every video, helping the content be new and different every time. RafiRaffee, with her friendly and easygoing personality, also appeals to a broad spectrum of audiences, allowing her to reach more than one specific age group or gender. For an immersive experience in all things anime and otaku lifestyle, we suggest you go and watch RafiRaffee today!

14. Einshine

For another look at the every day otaku life, we present the enthusiastic Einshine! Full of humor and memes, Einshine shows off his nerdy lifestyle in one of a kind videos and even fun challenges. He covers topics ranging from a weeaboo ninja online game to even topics of a more serious tone like relationship advice. We find it a tad comforting to watch a youtuber that loves and discusses all of your favorite things in a way that's equally entertaining as it is informative. He really goes all out on his channel as well with individually designed anime drawings for each of his videos which draws in a number of viewers just from curiosity. Explore Einshine's channel for wild topics, discussions, and challenges you can't find anywhere else!

15. Lost Pause

Last on our list is a youtuber that takes on topics that other channels might be too afraid or controversial to talk about. Lost Pause is yet another anime review channel, but we thought it was worth  a watch for content that is quite distinctive and even crude at times. It's no secret that anime has plenty of fan service, memes, and bizarre characters, and Lost Pause is not afraid to dig into these topics full on for his viewers. From Donald Trump being an anime to the struggle of loving anime girls, Lost Pause is a fun release from the more serious reviewers and rather takes on a much lighter tone when analyzing anime. Because anime is purely fictional and even ridiculous at times, its good to take a step back and look at it without being too serious, and for this Lost Pause is the perfect guy for the job!