The Ultimate DIY Guide: Sakura Haruno Cosplay


Sakura Haruno is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. When she is assigned to Team 7, Sakura quickly finds herself ill-prepared for the duties of a ninja and the complications of her teammates' lives. By training under her master, Tsunade, she becomes capable of facing the challenges of the life of a ninja and help those who need her. After the first time skip, Sakura became capable of being a ninja and learned not only top notch medical ninjutsu but her master’s monsterous strength.  During the epilogue, Sakura got pregnant by Sasuke and have a daughter Sarada. 

We will be doing a DIY cosplay for Sakura Post Shinboi War.   Specifically, we will be focusing on her hair,  top,  shorts, shoes and accessories. 


Sakura Haruno has a distinct pink or cherry blossom hair.  During the pre time skip it was longer however now  it is a shorter length and her bangs are covered with her hairband.  Here is a great cheap wig you can use to look like Sakura Haruno. Don’t forget to add the Hidden Leaf headband for the details.


Sakura Haruno Post Shinobi War has a look very similar to her Part I clothing and fashion style, however it was modified to keep her womanly figure.  Sakura wears a sleeveless red qipao dress that reaches her upper thighs, with white trimmings and a white circular design on the back similar to her Part I attire; it is tied with a black obi. Because buying full cosplay outfits can be expensive if not discounted, DIYs make perfect excuses to try something new. Buy a form fitting red Cheongsamnam.  Cut it to the desired length you want and then add the white lining to the outfit.  Add the black obi which you can buy anywhere and there is your new top! 


Sakura Haruno has a very plain black biker shorts.  Because these are basics, you should be able to find them easily. Just make sure they are comfortable and easy to walk in.  


Being a ninja is tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be pretty while doing it! Sakura wears an interesting type of shoes. This pair of shoes is an open toe ninja shoe with a kitty heel.  Unfortunately there is not many open toe ninja heels, however we can make a DIY version. Simple buy a pair of Tabi boots a size bigger and cut the front part where your toes go.  Then cut a hole where the heel is supposed to go. Take your kitty heels and insert them into the Tabi boots and you got it!


Now that the majority of the outfit is done, all you need is some finishing touches to make the character pop. Get some green circle lenses/contacts to match Sakura and dont forget her seal on her forehead. Get your favorite black gloves and add some extra pink fabric on your forearm and knees.  Add the kunai pouch on her bandages and you are done! Use your super strength to destroy the competition. 

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